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The minimum file size for each photo is based on the pixel size of the image rather than the size of the file itself. The minimum pixel sizes are:

9 Piece 6″x6″ PhotoBlock Puzzle – 432×432 pixels

16 Piece 8″x8″ PhotoBlock Puzzle – 576×576 pixels

2×2 Blocks – 151×151 pixels

5×7 PhotoBoard – 360×504 pixels

8×8 PhotoBoard – 576×576 pixels

8×10 PhotoBoard – 576×720 pixels

8×12 PhotoBoard – 576×864 pixels

8×14 PhotoBoard – 576×1026 pixels

8×24 PhotoBoard – 576×1728 pixels

10×10 PhotoBoard – 720×720 pixels

11×14 PhotoBoard – 792×1008 pixels

12×12 PhotoBoard – 864×864 pixels

12×18 PhotoBoard — 864×1296 pixels

12×24 PhotoBoard – 864×1728 pixels

12×36 PhotoBoard – 864×2592 pixels

16×16 PhotoBoard – 1152×1152 pixels

16×20 PhotoBoard – 1152×1440 pixels

16×24 PhotoBoard — 1152×1728 pixels

16×48 PhotoBoard – 1152×3456 pixels

20×20 PhotoBoard – 1440×1440 pixels

20×24 PhotoBoard – 1440×1728 pixels

24×24 PhotoBoard – 1728×1728 pixels

20×30 PhotoBoard – 1440×2160 pixels

24×30 PhotoBoard – 1748×2160 pixels

24×36 PhotoBoard – 1748×2592 pixels

32×32 PhotoBoard – 2304×2304 pixels

30×40 PhotoBoard – 2160×2880 pixels

40×60 PhotoBoard – 2880×4320 pixels

Right click on the file of the picture, select “Properties” then select the Details tab. Scroll down until you see the image section with the dimensions (width and height) listed, it should show the pixel sizes of your image.

No. Unfortunately, once an order is submitted it is final and cannot be edited.

FREE! Standard domestic shipping is always included for our Pro’s in the continental US, that way you know exactly what your cost will be, making it easier to determine pricing for your customers. Our standard shipping method for Pro’s is FedEx Ground / Home Delivery and USPS First Class Mail. However, if expedited shipping services are needed they are available at checkout. Shipping is also available to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada for an additional fee.

Our typical turnaround time is 7 days. However, due to seasonal order volume, most orders are currently shipping within 7-14 days.

We try to be responsible stewards of the earth by using products and processes that are friendly to the environment throughout the manufacturing and production process. We use wood from sources that are replenishable and prefer vendors and suppliers that show the same devotion to the environment that we do.

Our prints are more durable and lasting than typical canvases. We use UV inks that are resistent to fading as well as special UV coatings before and after printing to further protect and enhance your images.

We are the only wood printing company that has a finished edge. Most of the wood printing companies use a 3/4″ plywood as the substrate for a good wood print. Other companies that print on plywood leave the edges exposed where you can see the lines of the layers of wood. They often try to router or angle the edges to hide the edges giving it a ‘standout’ look. Our edges are finished with no plywood showing, giving the print a professional, solid wood look.  Because we finish our edges, you also have more options for the finished look. The standard option is a natural wood look, but you also have the choice between dark walnut (brown) or ebony (black) edges.

In addition to using a UV ink, we pre-coat each board with a sealant that protects the wood and keeps the ink from absorbing into the wood and dispersing. This pre-coat provides a more “high definition” look for the image. We then print your image using the industries best equipment. After printing we apply a post-coat of an additional UV resistant sealer that provides additional resistance to UV light, scratching, and moisture. As far as we know, we are the only wood printer in the industry that applies either a pre or post coat to their product.

We use a mixture of Maple plywood (from the U.S.) Canadian Maple and Russian Birch plywood. Our wood buyers sort through thousands of sheets of plywood each month to ensure the wood we print on is the highest quality in both construction and appearance. Not only do we like the look of the maple, but it also supports tree farms and companies here in North America.

Pro’s can resell PhotoBarn products at any price they determine. Pricing should be reflective of your market and any additional services you offer (retouching, etc). It is common practice to sell PhotoBarn prints for approximately the same or more as comparable sized canvas prints.

Generally speaking, the better the picture is to begin with, the better it will look when printed. Higher quality images look better when printed because our printer is so precise that it is comparable to a high definition television over standard definition. Also, our wood prints do not use the color white, so anywhere in the image that is lighter in color will show the wood more through the picture. Darker and more colorful images like landscapes tend to show less wood grain through the images, whereas lighter colored images like portraits and close-ups tend to adopt more of the toning and grain of the wood.

No. You don’t have to edit or tone your files in any way. However, because we do not print white each image will pickup the coloring and tone of the wood where white was in the image, giving most pictures a warmer tone. If you want to avoid this warmer toning you can cool down your images to compensate prior to uploading them.

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