Print your images on 2″, 4″, or 6″ wooden cubes with our NEW PhotoCube product.  Each block has 6 custom sides where you can print photos or designs. Perfect for Instagram and images taken from any mobile device.

2″ PhotoCube…….$9
4″ PhotoCube…..$29
6″ PhotoCube…..$39

Purchase 1, 2, or 3 PhotoCubes. Each PhotoCube features 6 different images, so if you buy a set of 3 you can choose 18 photos!

Introducing 4″ and 6″ PhotoCubes! Print your images or designs on ALL 6 sides. Your photo combines with the natural tones and grains of the wood creating an organic and unique effect.

4″ and 6″ PhotoCubes have rustic edges with crystal clear, bright prints on each side.

We also offer PhotoBlocks, Puzzles, and PhotoBlock Ornaments that allow you to use 2 photos or letters with a variety of patterns.