Print your images on solid 2″x2″ wooden cubes with our popular PhotoBlock product.  Each block has 2 custom sides where you can print photos or place letters to spell a name or important date.  You will then choose from our library of patterns for the remaining 4 sides.

Blocks can be purchased individually or in sets.  When purchased in a set, all PhotoBlocks will share the same pattern set but each block can have different images or letters.

1 PhotoBlock…….$7.50
2 PhotoBlocks…..$15
3 PhotoBlocks…..$22.50
4 PhotoBlocks…..$30
5 PhotoBlocks…..$37.50
6 PhotoBlocks…..$42.50
7 PhotoBlocks…..$47.50
8 PhotoBlocks…..$52.50
9 PhotoBlocks…..$57.50
10 PhotoBlocks…$62.50

On each PhotoBlock, you have 2 custom sides where you can print anything you like.  Select from 5 different font options if you choose to print letters or words.  There are 28 different pattern sets to choose from for the remaining 4 sides of your PhotoBlocks!

Print your photos directly on to 2″x2″ solid wooden cubes. On each PhotoBlock, there are two custom sides where images, letters or designs can be printed.

Choose from over 15 different pattern sets to print on 4 sides of the PhotoBlock.  A variety of colors and styles makes it easy to find something that fits you perfectly!

Spell out a name, important date, initials, or anything you can imagine using our font library.  You can also upload your own letters if you prefer.