Shaped PhotoBoards

Create truly unique pieces of art with our Shaped PhotoBoards. Print your image directly on to high quality wooden boards. Each Shaped PhotoBoard is printed using the highest quality materials and processes.  Every piece of wood is hand selected, and fade resistant UV inks are used to print the image directly onto the board.  Each uniquely shaped board is pre-coated with a special UV top-coat for superb clarity and color depth.


Choose from 6 unique shapes with 4 sizes per shape: Whimsical, Victorian, Oval, Snowflake, Retro, and Circle

Choose from 6 unique shapes and 4 sizes per shape:

  • 5×7……….$20
  • 6×6……….$20
  • 12×12……$37
  • 11×14……$38
  • 16×16……$53
  • 16×20……$58
  • 20×20……$65
  • 20×24……$75


Choose from 6 unique shapes: Whimsical, Victorian, Oval, Snowflake, Retro, and Circle


Keyholes come standard on all sizes.  Twine and Ribbon are available for sizes up to 14″.


Our Shaped PhotoBoards have natural edges that add a rustic finish.

Your image is printed directly on to wooden shaped boards. The natural tones and grain of the wood combine with your image to create a unique and durable work of art. Lighter areas of your image will allow more wood grain to show through.

Shaped PhotoBoards are 3/4 inch thick and arrive ready to display without needing a frame. The edges are natural wood for a rustic display.

Every Shaped PhotoBoard includes a keyhole on the back which allows your artwork to hang flat against the wall. Add additional color and character to your Shaped PhotoBoards by selecting a twine or ribbon hanging option (14″ and smaller).

We have worked hard to perfect the process of stylizing your photos and printing them directly on ¾” thick circular wood panels in order to create contemporary, timeless, and unique pieces of art. Our website allows you to direct the design of your Circle PhotoBoards down to just about every last detail.

You choose the photo, the size, the image toning, the image effects, the wood finish, and the hanging option, and we’ll put it all together to produce a professionally handcrafted and polished product.  Circle PhotoBoards are very versatile in their displaying capabilities. The thickness (¾”) of the boards we use allows them to be easily and securely presented in a variety of ways. Put your PhotoBoard on an easel, a shelf, or a table, or hang it on a wall. The options are as endless as the surfaces in your home or office. Circle PhotoBoards come in a variety of sizes: 6×6, 12×12, and 16×16, so you can order the size that would best fit the space for which your Circle PhotoBoard is being designed. Our Circle PhotoBoards come with a rustic natural finish on the edges that adds to the uniqueness of the item.

Any type of photo would look stylish and unique on a Circle PhotoBoard. Whatever style you are going for, whether it’s a sentimental family photo, an artistic nature shot, a picture taken during a memorable vacation, or a favorite pose from a professional photography session, a Circle PhotoBoard will give it that special something extra that will be worth showing for years to come.

Circle PhotoBoards and PhotoBoard offer enough variety and enough customizable features that no two products are ever the same. Create a piece of art for your home or a personalized gift that can never be duplicated and will last forever. These products are popular for the unique and memorable nature. They are equally classy and distinct and will be a conversation piece in any location. Give a CirclePhotoBoard to a family member, a friend, or a coworker, or create your own Circle PhotoBoard to display those meaningful and memorable moments and images.