Wooden Photo Hearts

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Create custom wood prints with our unique Wooden Photo Hearts. Each Photo Heart is 4″ tall and 4″ wide and is a two-sided print. Choose to put photos or patterns on each side of our NEW Photo Heart. Each heart has a wooden base so it can stand on any flat surface. Surprise with this perfect customized Valentine’s Day gift!

    • 1 Photo Heart……$13


You can choose from 14 different Valentine’s Day themed messages that will be printed on one side of the heart(s).

Valentine’s Day Messages:

  • Always & Forever
  • Be Mine
  • Be My Valentine
  • Cup of Tea
  • Happy
  • Happy Valentine’s Day
  • Happy Vday
  • I Heart You
  • Love Birds
  • Love Garden
  • Love Letters
  • Love You
  • You & Me
  • You + Me

Design beautiful Wooden Photo Hearts with a custom photo and selected pattern.

For our NEW Photo Hearts, choose to put photos or patterns on each side. Each Heart is a two-sided print.

Place your Photo Heart on any flat surface.  The Photo Heart stand is natural wood around the base of the heart.