PhotoBlock Puzzles

PhotoBlock Puzzles are available in 9 piece (6″x6″) or 16 piece (8″x8″) options.  Select two images to print across two full sides of the puzzle.  Choose from a variety of pattern sets for the remaining sides of the blocks.

  • 9 Piece Puzzle (6″x6″):  $48
  • 16 Piece PhotoBlock Puzzle (8″x8″):  $62

Handcrafted Puzzle Trays are available for both sizes of PhotoBlock Puzzles.

PhotoBlock puzzles are created out of 2″x2″ solid wooden cubes.  Choose two images to print directly on the cubes as well as a pattern set that will be printed on the remaining 4 sides of each PhotoBlock.

Choose either a 9 piece puzzle (6″x6″) or 16 piece puzzle (8″x8″).

An optional Puzzle Tray is a great addition to any PhotoBlock puzzle.  Each tray is handcrafted out of wood to fit either the 9 piece or 16 piece Puzzle.