Inspire // Samuel + Megan’s Wedding

Take one look at a wedding magazine or blog & you’ll notice the difference beautiful details can make to help create an atmosphere. Nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, photographer & PhotoBarn Pro Creative Director, Ben Finch, of Finch Photo, made lovely use of PhotoBarn Pro products for Samuel & Megan’s reception. The super cute couple had their engagement session & wedding on the bride’s family home & were eager for a unique way to show their engagement photos at the reception. The marriage of their style & the PhotoBarn Pro products could not have been more perfect! And we think the wedding was kind of perfect too 🙂
 SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-2_WEB SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-3_WEB SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-4_WEB SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-5_WEBAnd a few more from the wedding day. Enjoy!SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-10_WEB
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