How to Preview Your Image on Wood // Tips

We’ve often been asked if there was a good way to preview what an image will look like when it is printed on wood. What a great question! And the answer is yes. Sort of.

Because wood is such a unique substrate & each piece of wood will have distinct grains, there is no completely accurate way to know exactly how it will look. However, we use the highest quality of wood available on the market which results in consistent tones & textures. And, we’re continually researching different types of wood & love seeing how they respond when printed on.

But, never fear. We do have two great ways for you to get a preview of what your image will look like printed on wood.

#1 Design Center // The first solution is found in our Design Center which is intuitively built within the PhotoBarn Pro & PhotoBarn website. I’ll be using the PhotoBarn website as our preview since you do not need an account to see (click here). Once you have selected your wood product, click “Create.” That will bring you into our Design Center. Once you’ve selected the size product you’d like, you should see a screen like this: DesignCenterPreview01From here you simple click next which will bring you to this screen:DesignCenterPreview02Click on the + symbol to upload your image. We’re using a beautiful newborn image from our friends, Brian + Amanda Photographers, Once the image is uploaded, you should see this:DesignCenterPreview03From this screen you can then click, “Apply Woodgrain.” The next screen will give you an idea of what your image will look like printed on wood.DesignCenterPreview04There you go! Also, as you’ll see in the image above, you can also preview what your image would look like in B&W. Sweet!!! 

#2 Photoshop // The second solution which is really helpful is found in Adobe Photoshop. The first step is acquiring a wood texture image. Since we primarily print images on birch & maple, I visited Shutterstock & downloaded a birch wood texture image that I thought would work great. Download here if you’d like.

BirchTextureNext, bring in your wood texture as well as your image into Photoshop. The images should be on two separate layers as pictured here: 

Photoshop 02

The last step is quite simple. Located in the Layers palette as pictured above, simple change the blend mode from “Normal” to “Multiply” as pictured below:Photoshop 03Thus, the result below:Photoshop 04Tada!!! Really simple, right? Now you’ll have the tools necessary to have a really good idea of how your images are going to print on wood. As you’ll see, the wood warms up the image slightly so it may be the case that you make a few tweaks to your file. And if you’re like us, you’ll absolutely love the unique characteristics when images are printed on wood!

Inspire // Samuel + Megan’s Wedding

Take one look at a wedding magazine or blog & you’ll notice the difference beautiful details can make to help create an atmosphere. Nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, photographer & PhotoBarn Pro Creative Director, Ben Finch, of Finch Photo, made lovely use of PhotoBarn Pro products for Samuel & Megan’s reception. The super cute couple had their engagement session & wedding on the bride’s family home & were eager for a unique way to show their engagement photos at the reception. The marriage of their style & the PhotoBarn Pro products could not have been more perfect! And we think the wedding was kind of perfect too 🙂
 SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-2_WEB SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-3_WEB SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-4_WEB SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-5_WEBAnd a few more from the wedding day. Enjoy!SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-10_WEB
SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-20_WEB SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-21_WEB SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-38_WEB SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-39_WEB SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-40_WEB SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-42_WEBSamuelMeganWeddingBlog-14_WEB SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-68_WEBSamuelMeganWeddingBlog-73_WEB SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-77_WEB SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-85_WEB SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-90_WEB SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-95_WEB SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-97_WEB SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-101_WEB SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-104_WEB SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-128_WEB SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-132_WEB SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-146_WEB SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-147_WEB SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-156_WEB SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-160_WEB SamuelMeganWeddingBlog-224_WEB

Inspire // Chloe’s 1st B-Day

It’s inspiring to see such creative use of PhotoBarn Pro products. This super cute 1st B-Day party has beautiful custom details & is sweet enough to make any little girl’s dreams come true. I imagine b-day girl, Chloe, will one day look back upon this party with admiration  of her mom’s creativity. Many people think PhotoBarn Pro is primarily for Photographers but we’re also finding that Designers, Artists, & more are thinking outside of the box & making incredibly unique pieces out of our product offerings. Just consider the details: 
Woodprints were hung around the gazebo featuring photos of Chloe’s 1st year. ChloeBDayBlog-2_WEB
And Woodprints, accompanied by a wooden desk stand, creatively displayed food items. ChloeBDayBlog-8_WEB ChloeBDayBlog-10_WEB ChloeBDayBlog-11_WEB ChloeBDayBlog-13_WEB
This may be one of our favorite pieces, a beautifully designed 30×40 Burlap print with 2-inch Barnwood frame. ChloeBDayBlog-19_WEB ChloeBDayBlog-20_WEB ChloeBDayBlog-24_WEB
And to top it off, Lindsay, Chloe’s mom, designed Photoblocks that spell “Chloe” & showcased photos of her first year. ChloeBDayBlog-26_WEBBeautiful!ChloeBDayBlog-41_WEB
ChloeBDayBlog-53_WEB ChloeBDayBlog-55_WEBChloeBDayBlog-56_WEBAnd the sweet b-day girl, Chloe. Happy Birthday Chloe!ChloeBDayBlog-66_WEBChloeBDayBlog-68_WEBChloeBDayBlog-70_WEB ChloeBDayBlog-71_WEB ChloeBDayBlog-72_WEB ChloeBDayBlog-73_WEBChloeBDayBlog-76_WEBWe are so inspired by Chloe’s 1st b-day! If you have used PhotoBarn Pro products in a unique way or would like to share your story, shoot us an email to [email protected]